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    Quote Originally Posted by Draygo View Post
    what filesystem is the server using? How much memory does the server have (RAM/virtual)?
    sorry, i dont actually know the stats of the dedicated server other than its bandwith, the earliest i can find out is next week

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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    Local i'm able to upload 2GiB and >4GiB >8 GiB.
    Is there a global Quota for transfer set on your server?

    Tested on: Server Beta 12 , Client Beta 9 and Server runs on Windows 7 x64.
    Global Quota was some numbers, edited them to '99999999999999999' or something.
    Channel quota is also set to '9999999999999999999999mb'.

    Is the it the single file sizes you are talking about or total amount of uploaded gigs? I'm talking about single file here.

    Filetransfer quota for both channel and user has been '-1', thus unlimited. But the user's permission for channel (yes, this permissionsystem is confusing) was also set to '-1' but I read somewhere that '-1' does not equal unlimited, but has a "hidden cap" of 2gbs, is this true?

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    I know where the permission value is for the virtual server. But where is the global serve value for this?

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    2 GiB file limit

    I discovered that I could not download (as well as upload anything) past exactly 2147483647 bytes. I do realise that there was a old thead back in 2010 about this, but I discovered more.

    My test is as follows:
    On both client and server machines, I create a 2 GiB (2147483648 bytes) file:
    $ dd bs=1M count=2048 if=/dev/zero of=test.devzero
    With the client one being named as 'test2.devzero'.

    I uploaded test2.devzero through teamspeak, and when its finished, it has a size of 2147483647 on the server:
    $ stat -c '%s %n' *.devzero # size in bytes and file name, respectively
    2147483647 test2.devzero
    2147483648 test.devzero
    $ md5sum -b *.devzero
    b3dc5e51b0698ddf18d48bbf16c1153f *test2.devzero
    a981130cf2b7e09f4686dc273cf7187e *test.devzero
    $ cp test2.devzero test3.devzero
    $ echo -n -e '\x00' >> test3.devzero # no newline, backslash escape mode
    $ md5sum -b test3.devzero
    a981130cf2b7e09f4686dc273cf7187e *test3.devzero
    Likewise, when I go and try to download test2.devzero from the server, it downloads. However if I try to download test.devzero or test3.devzero, the client receives the message "Transfer "test3.devzero" reports: (file not found)"

    I highly suspect that teamspeak is using a 32-bit signed integer (likely a signed long in the code) to count the file size. dante696 (TS support) in the 2010 thread said he didn't encounter this problem with his installment on 64-bit windows, so I am willing to conclude this a bug due to bitness.

    My sever is running Teamspeak on 32-bit Debian 6.0.10 "Squeeze"
    And client, 3.0.16 on 64-bit Debian 7.7 "Wheezy"

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