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    Robotic Voice light DSL and Vista 64 Bit

    I got the following problem:
    My mates only hear a laggy robotic voice when I Speak.
    When I record my Voice there are no issues. It sounds fine.
    -> microphone is fine

    We testet 2 Codec's : Celt qualtiy: 7 and Speex 25,9

    My mates hear each other very well. I am the only one with a robotic voice.
    I reinstalled the program twice and always installed the 64 bit version.
    I heard of people with a much better better Internet-Bandwith and the same problems.
    I would be very happy about a acceptable solution. Is it possible to communicate above Teamspeak 3 with DSL light? In Teamspeak 2 everything was fine and everybody could understand me.

    When Posting:

    o TeamSpeak version including build number 3.0.0-beta9
    o Operating System including Service Packs or Kernel Version/Patchset : Windows Vista 64 bit ?
    o Soundcard & Driver version I am using a SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio ( I hope this is the Sound Card )
    Driver: microsoft windows hardware compatibility publisher Version:
    o DirectX version 9.0c
    o Error message (information out of your client or server logfiles can be very useful)
    700 ping when i speak
    o How often does the error appear?
    o What did you try to fix the problem?
    I told the Admin to change Codec to Celt but that wasnt very helpful.

    Edit1: I got an upload Bandwith of 87KiB/s and the upload needed by ts3 is only 12,7 KiB/s
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    Could you at least answer this question? "Is it possible to communicate above Teamspeak 3 with DSL light?"

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    DSL light has just an Upstream Bandwidth of 64 kbit/s, which is 8 kbyte/s.

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    The robotic voice phaenomenon is generally related to your connection speed.
    It mainly occurs when your packetloss (while speaking) exceeds around 20 or 30%.
    (Its Teamspeak trying to compensate for the packets it doesnt receive)
    The only way to lower your latency and thereby packetloss is to further reduce the quality and/or the codec of the transmissions.
    This will of course impact the overall voice quality in the channel but it should still be bearable.

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    Tomi-Thomas2 Guest
    You can with dsl light only 8 kbyte/s upload load, celt codec needs with quality 7 15,20 kbytes/s up!

    Your dsl is to slow sorry

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