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Thread: Plugin Template

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    Plugin Template

    When I started to work with the TS3 Client Plugin SDK, I didn't like a few things about the it. So I changed them and I'd like to share the result with the community. This "repack" of the official plugin sdk is meant for developers, who are already (at least a little ) familiar with the sdk and do not need all the debug output. Changes I made:
    • Moved the .vcproj file to its former parent directory
    • Changed output directory to 'bin\<Configuration>\'
    • Changed the output directory for object files to 'objs\<Configuration>'
    • Changed the custom include path to a relative one
    • Changed the pathes of plugin.* to relative ones
    • Deleted all debug output, except for error messages
    • Fixed the 'Release' configuration
    • Changed the linking to static linking, so people without VC++ libs can use the plugins
    • Deleted the pdf/html documentation

    I hope this is useful to someone. If you find any errors, please report them here, so I can try fix them.

    Update: Did the same thing to ts3client_pluginsdk-3.0.0-beta8. Have fun.
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    Hey thx david! That saved me a ton of time to get rid of those path issues

    I'm kinda new to c++ (coming from c#). How the hell can I force the dll (dll only!) to be build into the ts3 plugin directory?

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    I assume you use a german version if not try translation by yourself:
    Right Click on your project click on the last entry "Eigenschaften / properties ", click on "Allgemein / General", and Change "Augabeverzeichniss / Output Directory".

    The other way is to click on "Linker" and change the path of the dll there.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers antihacker

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    Initial post updated...

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