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    Solved How to use TS3 auth system in a preexisting user base

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    This thread started out as a pool of problems that were associated with integrating TS3 with preexisting user bases. Some debating of possible solutions later we have people with success stories integrating user bases into TS3. I wrote a guide without the historical and irrelevant stuff for those of us interested how to do it today:

    Original Post:
    Im an avid supporter of teamspeak since its early days, but whoever came up with this "uniqueid" stuff needs to be shot.

    I run a very large website with lots of users, if they are authenticated they behave because they know we know exactly who they are at all times.

    Despite me hacking the SQL since you only send this uniqueid which means nothing to us serverside and the nickname is irrellevant to me, there is no way of gaining any form of control without the permanant employment of moderators.

    I would really like you to consider a few of the following solutions:

    Solution One
    Send the IP/Port via serverquery that way at least we can get a recognition, albiet one which can be circumvented by the cunning, it at least is a start.

    Solution Two
    Allow an optional username/password value to be sent

    Before someone replies with "tokens" and the like, this is not suitable - My motto is that users are stupid, and that we as server admins should do everything that is programatically in our power to make users life easier, this reduces support and makes the world a better place.

    I love TS3, the quality, interface, its great - but I need to know who is who to maintain some law and order without the added cost of moderators.

    I offer you my wife and three kids for consideration of this issue which I consider to be major!
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