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    Sync Two TS3 Server

    Hi Guys,

    Is it possible to Sync Two different TS3 Server.

    What I want is that when the first TS3 Server goes down, that the second one gets active a took the Client from the other Server, so that no disruption is for the Clients.

    *** German part deleted ***

    THX for answers
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    Basically you are wondering if you can cluster 2 TS3 servers together?

    I don't see why you couldn't do it if you put the database on a shared drive and set up the servers as a clustered environment.

    So it would be something like this:

    2 servers
    Shared storage (e.g. NAS or a filer)
    3 IPs 1 for each NIC and then a wide IP for the cluster.

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    I want to do that over the internet with Two different locations. So thats the reason why i want to know. Normally i would use virtuell servers and share it on NAS.

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