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    (offline) [App] TS3 Multi-function (Mass Tokens, Copy Permissions, Change Passwords)

    I'm currently creating an application that does a multitude of things using sqlite. Maybe make life easier instead of doing the sql manually or using Server Query. I would recommend backing up your database every time you use this program, as it is still under construction.

    Current Functions
    • Change passwords
    • Copy permissions (channel,client,group)
    • Make mass tokens

    Future Functions
    • Import/Export permissions to a file
    • Include Channel Client/Group permissions

    Download is attached to this topic.

    Tell me what you think, but remember it's still being made.
    Any suggestion welcome also.

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    I would recommend doing most (if not all) actions via the ServerQuery to make sure that all wanted actions are done correctly and compatible with all future database changes. It's much safer to use a working system, than to try to emulate the same behaviour without knowing what else might happens in the background.

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    Well the way the system is set up now, I don't see it changing too much. They may add some new rows, but it will copy those just fine. If it becomes a problem I'll switch over.

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    im blind

    please send the download here, not in the topic because i can't see it

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