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    Connection Time out problem

    Okay, I am having an issue now since I switched over to TS3 from TS2 about a week ago. In game, like COD4 or BFBC2, I will be playing then I will lag out and get a connection interruption "in game" while timing out on TS3.

    If I turn off TS3, I will not have those issues in game at all, so power of deduction is that its the TS3. Yesterday while not in game, on my TS3 talking to a few people, it lagged again and timed out and reconnected me again with a 1 after my name, so essentially it showed me as logged in twice.

    My clan mate also has had the connection errors lately since we switched but not as bad as I am. Are there any settings we should know about that we can alter that may solve this issue and stop this from working or will we be best to just revert back to TS2

    I figure someone may ask my spec's and also probably monitor my CPU throttle, well, in game with TS3 and XFire, I had hit a few times at 100% throttle but quickly dropped to 60% - 70% and when it lagged I was usually at 60 - 70%.

    As for my spec's, I am running 1000 watt PSU, MSI K9N2 Platnium Mobo, AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+, 4GB of Ram, XFX 9800GT GFX, 1TB total HD space, so I know its not my computer.
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