Issue description:
When connecting to a working teamspeak 3 server and then having another computer terminal service into the teamspeak client computer -- teamspeak will no longer hear teammates talk nor can you speak after disconnecting from the TermService session.

When the problem happens these things are noticed:
- When someone attempts to speak the green circle lights up with no voice, but does not unlight when finished speaking.
- Users can perform other actions within teamspeak such as moving between channels.
- Once attempting to close teamspeak, the client will hang and you must kill the process from task manager.

If needed I can attach a crash dump, but seems easy enough to reproduce. Let me know if one is needed though.

[Machine A] OS: Windows 7 32-bit
[Machine A] is regarded as steps without noted machine.
[Machine B] is terminal service client. I have reproduced with Ubuntu and a Windows 7 x64 clients.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Winkey + Pause
2. Advanced system settings
3. Remote Tab
4. Check "Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop"
5. Select desired users with passwords
6. [Machine B] Confirm Terminal service connection is functional to [Machine A].
7. Once functional without terminal service connection -- connect with teamspeak 3 on [Machine A].
8. (latest server version and client installed)
9. Confirm able to speak through teamspeak 3 to members.
10. Minimize teamspeak 3
11. [Machine B] On terminal service client set to not play sounds on your or the other computer.
12. [Machine B] Connect to [Machine A].
13. [Machine B] Browse around and normally use the system a bit.
14. [Machine B] Disconnect your session.(Not logout)
15. Login to [Machine A].
16. Attempt to use teamspeak 3 and speak.
17. Notice: Your green light does not light, nor can you hear other voices when their green light brightens up.
18. Attempt to close teamspeak 3 client
19. Notice: It hangs and you are required to kill the process.

Expected results:

1. Sound should reoccur after disconnecting from the terminal service session.
2. Sound should not occur if terminal service session is set to not to hear sound.
3. Sound should occur if terminals service session is set to hear sound. (Haven't checked this one though -- good testcase though)

Actual results:
- No sound is heard after disconnecting from terminal service no sound session. (This is the bug)
- No sound is heard during terminal service no sound session. (This is good)