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    Question Latest TS2. On Win7 64bit. Pc sounds, no TS2 sounds.

    I just installed TS2 on my windows 7 Home premium 64bit computer.
    I get sound for everything including Media Player, Winamp, and the basic system sounds.
    When I start TS2, no sound like usual when you connect to a server.
    Here's the kicker: the Volume mixer has green bars that move during sound. TS2 shows a bar moving when I connect to a server and disconnect, along with the main sound volume bar.

    I've put the program in administrator and Compatibility set to XP SP3. Still no change. I've also played around with the output in the settings.

    I'm at a loss.


    Figured it out.
    Went into Play back devices and reconfigured my speakers. No changes to the settings. Now it works.
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