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    TS3 on Mandriva 2010.0 (32-bit)

    I've seen several messages related to Ubuntu, but they have been unable to solve the problems which keep popping up with Mandriva. Before the last update things were more or less working (using OSS emulation, without padsp). After the last update:

    - pulseaudio and padsp: playback ok using OSS, microphone input very choppy (unusable)
    - pulseaudio/alsa: device not found (default pcm, which of course exists), nothing works
    - disabling pulseaudio and using OSS emulation: playback ok, attempt to use the microphone locks up pulseaudio.

    Other tests:
    - parecord/paplay works perfectly.
    - arecord/aplay, works perfectly.
    - cat /dev/dsp > somefile + cat somefile > /dev/dsp works perfectly.

    So I don't know what ts3 is doing, but it's doing it wrong :P

    Edit: even more absurd... on the same setup ts2 works perfectly....
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    Ok, after some more testing:

    - I disabled pulseaudio (pulseaudio -k + modification in the client.conf file to prevent autospawn)
    - I switched to ALSA support, but since ts3 is unable to access the pcms I have, I added a .asounrdc file to define a "card0" which maps directly to the hardware (= I copied the first example of the .asounrdc config). Playback works perfectly.
    - for some reason, whatever the parameters are for ALSA recording, fmod keeps attempting to open the "default" channel (failing miserably). You can actually write anything in the device name, and it'll still complain about "default", which makes me think that either:

    1) FMOD ignores the input and just opens the default
    2) TS3 ignores the configuration parameter (which would explain why it keeps asking me to save the capture settings even if I don't change them) and just feeds "default" to FMOD.

    Whatever the scenario, it should not be THAT hard to fix it.... well, this assuming that the FMOD people have tested capture with ALSA.....

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    TS3 on Mandriva 2010 0 32 bit

    Agrre with Eic, you could could make sure Alsa and Alsaconf are intslled first then disable pule audio in MCC Hardware Sound configuration first. I did that with my 64bit boxbut Im running cooker Im hoping it becomes consistantpulse audio.Ive had run fine for a few..update somethingusually the kernal or PA it"s self..than it breaks so I have usually ran alsa conf, then disabled PA.

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    I have often had success with disabled pulse, set to ALSA and as device to specify plughw:0 (or plughw:1 for the second sound card).

    Note: our next release will have native pulse audio support (thanks FMOD guys!) and that should make things easier.
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