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    Solved Change serveradmin query password on linux

    I assume your server runs on linux.

    Stop your server.
    Open your (e.g. with WinSCP) and make sure that line 6 looks like this:
    COMMANDLINE_PARAMETERS="${2}" #add any command line parameters you want to pass here
    Save and close it.
    Then start your server (e.g. with PuTTY) with the followong command parameter and replace "PASSWORD" with your new password:
    ./ serveradmin_password=PASSWORD
    You now changed the password of your serveradmin query.
    Stop the server again and start it with the normal again.
    Login with YaTQA as serveradmin with your new password.
    Select your server, go to the advanced tab and change host message mode.
    You can now connect to your server with the client again.

    Reminder: always know your serveradmin query password, which normally gets created and shown in the console after the first start of a TeamSpeak server

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    Quote Originally Posted by AriesNinja22 View Post
    yes, if self hosting means hosting through my hard-drive. but when i try to use it using serveradmin, it still says i don't have necessary permissions...
    This can only happen in three situations:
    - Your username was not "serveradmin" (exactly spelled like this)
    - YaTQA said "invalid password" (or something like that) before. It will ALWAYS display your actual username in the top bar. In your case, you need YaTQA to say "[email protected]", "[email protected][::1]" or "[email protected]".
    - You have destroyed your serveradmin account. You can only destroy your serveradmin account using the serveradmin account, so you probably can't have done that.
    In general, please read error messages more carefully. It will help you.

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