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    Ts3 insatalled and permissions granted.

    I downloaded ts3 for me and my friends and after a long 5 hour setup I was able to get every one situated. I was able to create 2 tokens, one Normal and the other for Guests. The thing is I dont know how to utilize those tokens to provide normal accounts and or guest accounts.

    Secondly, I dont have the super admin power to access the full potential to run the server. tryed to login in to the server query and it generated a pass but I dont know what to do from there inorder to gain superadmin status.

    We have been trying to understand the steps to take but I am afraid the process is too much to understand w/ out the assistance of some one knowledgable about the process.

    Third, server admin rights have been issued and so forth but now having trouble staying in the server. Some idle time kick is initiated when 1 or all are quite and we can't seem to figure out why. Only way to stay connected is to continue to talk or browse. If not the kick takes place after 2 minutes or so!

    Need help cause this is very annoying!


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    To answer briefly:

    1- Tokens are always one use only. You will have to create 1 token for each user or drag the users to the permissions group.

    2- You have to save a server query admin token that ONLY APPEARS ONCE when you run the server for the first time. Then you can follow a tutorial around here in the forum to get the power to 100 (can't find it)

    3- Remove the permission i_client_max_idletime in all server groups


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