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    Looks good overall. I just have a couple of concerns.

    a - I'm really disappointed at the clients lack of ability to adjust their output volume. This was a serious flaw in TS2 and one of the primary reasons we switched from that to Ventrilo. Clients having to rely on their Windows mic settings made it awkward, especially if they use other voice apps.

    Yes, you can adjust the volume on individual clients and that's a major improvement over TS2, but it seems unfair to have all users adjust their settings because one user is too loud or too quiet, because settings in another app or the OS settings get affected.

    b - Is it possible to allow clients to be able to downgrade their codec on a channel regardless of server settings? I'll give 2 examples of why I ask.

    1) On my Aussie CoD [email protected] TS3 server we have to scale back from the 48kb codec to 32 kb. It seems to be ok normally on 48, but the aussies all get garbage upstream bandwidth from their providers and if anyone else is using bandwidth on their network, if the planets are misaligned or anything else isn't perfect they start sounding tinny and chopping up. This can even happen with the 32kb codec. I'm in Canada about a billion light years away but I have 1mbps up and the Oz users have never reported me having the same sound issues.

    2) On my LOTRO TS3 server in London we don't have too much of an issue as European connections are generally capped higher. Still, we do have a few peeps, particularly in England that have iffier connections and or busier home networks and they have similar issues to the aussie users I mentioned.

    Currently the only solution to get everyone running smoothly is to operate the server on lower end codecs to accomodate the few. It would be nice to be able to set the codecs we want to use (48 kb CELP Mono) but have individuals with problems able to connect to the same channel using lower level codecs. They'd be at lower quality, but at least they wouldn't drag everyone down to their level.

    Just my $0.02 (as opposed to $0.002, which is different...unless you work at Verizon )

    Oh, one more thing. It would be great to have an option to easily select whether or not you wish to hear what channels you or other users are moving to or from. I use TTS because I like to hear the phonetics and who is coming and going, but I don't want to hear what channel they are going to and I certainly don't need to keep hearing the name of the channel they are coming to when I'm in it. I know this is driving a lot of my friends nuts as well.

    There doesn't seem to be an easy way to do this, short of editing out the channelname variable in the default-speech settings.ini, which is time consuming and more than a bit awkward to explain to less experienced users.
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    2 & 3 Celt Mono is made for use it as a music codec, it's not for talking over the internet because it takes much traffic.

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    Fair enough. But I use for my lord of the rings kinship. Everyone in europe has sufficicent bandwidth and it sounds great.

    If I could use this for call of duty it would be fantastic. When this gets out of beta I will make a user guide pdf which will be publicly available

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