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    Fresh Install -> New ID

    hi there,

    yesterday, i did a fresh install of my system. after re-installing the ts3 client, i was not aware of the fact, that you get a new ID, although you are using the same nickname.

    i wouldn't mind this, if i were not the server admin (lvl 100) of the ts3 server.

    so, is there any possibility to recover my powers and get my id back ? ^^

    well, for the future, i will backup my ts3 ini/cfg stuff, where my profile is saved, but i just wasn't aware of that before :/ i was just too used to the ts2 way of handling profiles..
    anyways, i also thought of doing a fresh install of the ts3 server, but first, maybe some of you guys can offer me an opportunity here

    greetz, raz0r

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    For the next time: Export your identity in the identity manager and store it somewhere safe.

    When you set up the server a serveradmin was created. Login with this user in a server query session and set your rights or create a token.

    If you don't have that password anymore you could change the group of your client in the database and restart the server.
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    ill keep that in mind.. now

    thx, indeed. you have spared me some work

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