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    Question how to change to ip address to a name?

    i ran into a problem with my internet and had to release my ip and renew it. when this happened my past server is gone now. is there a way to change the ip address that i log in with to my virtual server to a name so if i have to reset it again i can just log into a name instead of the address. like in ts2 you can have the ip number or you can have an address like or somthing. i know this is different. thats just an examlpe. im on win xp 32.

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    This has nothing to do with TS3. You can use like in TS2. The service just maps the name to your IP address. Just give out the name instead of the IP address to the clients.

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    in a house.
    dyndns wil help to.
    get a free program like dyndns updater, so you dont have to login dyndns or no-ip when there are changes.

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    Yeah I just use my TOTAL DNS CONTROL from godaddy. Add an @ record with the hostname "" (obviously fake, because its restricted to clan members only, but left public), and the value as the IP address of the server. Godaddy handles the rest.

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