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    XFCE + Skype screw up Hotkey detection

    Essentially if skype produces one of its sounds, all hotkeys in TS3b9 stop functioning. Workaround has been to put skype in DND mode which supresses popup messages and other sounds when TS is used. Only two methods have been found to work to restore TS' hotkey detection, one is killing and restarting the app, the other is going to the settings->options->capture->"Test Voice". It doesn't seem to matter if I do anything after the voice test mode is enabled.

    Gentoo Linux,
    Athlon 64x2 (32 bit linux / Teamspeak / everything)
    Emu10k1 SB Live Soundcard
    Kernel 2.6.30
    xorg-server 1.6.5-r1
    xfce4-meta 4.6.1
    And TeamSpeak3 Beta9 in ALSA mode of course.
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    Appears fixed, after I selected a different recording device in Skype. My alsa devices may be borked. Ignore this thread for now.

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