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    Problem: SA permissions lost after changing modify power :/

    Let me start by saying that my server is a rented server. I do not have access to the server files. Our TS3 server is a rented virtual server for which I have server admin level of 75.

    Now my problem.

    In the server groups permissions page, I accidently changed the value of the "permission modify power" for server admins from 75 to 10....
    (in the "Server Admin>>groups>>modify" section for server admins).

    Now no server admin can change any of the permissions at all on the server as all admins now only have a permission level of 10 and a level of 75 is required to change permission levels.

    My hosting company tells me that because this is a virtual server this can not be corrected and the only way to solve this is to reinstall the TS3 server from scratch. Is this true that there is no way to correct this problem?


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    i just went though that myself on my own server.

    fixed it once by serverquery.

    then i did it again and couldnt remember what i did to fix it.
    you have to know the permid's

    then i leared how to edit the data base with a database browser.
    my server runs the default SQLite so i used SQLite database browser.

    been looking for the notepad doc i was working with...guess i didnt save it.

    this is what i was working with thru serverquery.

    Adds a set of specified permissions to the server group specified with sgid. Multiple permissions can be added by providing the four parameters of each permission.
    i_group_modify_power i_group_needed_modify_power i_permission_modify_power
    servergroupaddperm sgid={groupID} permid={permID}…
    permvalue={permValue}… permnegated={1|0}… permskip={1|0}…
    servergroupaddperm sgid=13 permid=17276 permvalue=50 permnegated=0 permskip=0|permid=21415 permvalue=20 permnegated=0
    error id=0 msg=ok

    i found the permid by doing
    copied the output to a notepad and with the find function i searched value=x
    x being the value i had set groupd modify power to.

    one way or the other your host should be able to re set your modify power
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    ah well with it being a rented virtual server i have no access to server query so i'll have to pass this info on.

    Thanks very much for your help.

    PS - It seems bizzare to me that you can alter the admin rights of the default server admin group to a point where you can no longer admin.
    Surely the server admin group should be a default set that cant be edited at all so that the server admin can always admin... other groups can be created for other tasks but i would have though SA would be an uneditable server group.

    I don't know if it help, to be honest as im not running a sever myself I've not read the server hosting files so i don't understand how it all works though I did get this from the server log:

    09/01/2010 22:00:27 VirtualServer Info permission 'i_needed_modify_power_permission_modify_power'(id :65414) with values (value:10, negated:0, skipchannel:0) was added by 'Paul'(id:622) to servergroup 'Server Admin'(id:35888)

    so what would the hosting company need to do to resotre that to 75....

    Would they log in with server query and use what command based on those values above?

    And does this work for a virtual server where the host would only want to change the setting of one of his virtual servers?

    Thanks again.
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