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    [Solved] Bug: Test Phonetic name plays over default sounddevice

    When In set my phonetic name and hit the test button I hear the name via the default sound device and not the device I set via the playback options.

    Plus I mis a test button in the chanel phonetic name.

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    You have to set the TTS playback device in Windows settings.
    - Control Panel > Speech > Text To Speech > Audio output button (for XP)
    - Control Panel > Speech Recognition > Text To Speech (in the left pane) > Advanced button (for Vista/7)

    And 1+ for the channel phonetic test.


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    Sorry for my late reaction but Thanx

    I didn't know that the standard MS text to speech engine was used.
    Maybe it's an idea to let the user know that the TS output device isn't the same as the MS TTS output device that is used when text to speech is enabled, or when another output device is selected (via an info field or something and rather not a messagebox).

    kind regards

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