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    [DEVS] - Quick Questions

    Question 1

    Can I disable the ability of users to change nicknames, I fail to find any reference to this in the query doc, and when I attempt it it seems to fail (although OK is reported) bug? Permission would be better for this unless ive missed it somehow.

    Question 2
    Which SQL (MySQL) script (exact script name) is initiated on login

    Question 3
    Can we force a new uniqueID to a client, from the server?

    I await your replies (hopefully)

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    1. I don't believe there is a permission for this. There are lots of talk about nicknames and permissions and stealing. Haven't been keeping up with it at all but i do know there's been requests of like 'registered nicknames' kind of thing. Not sure if that will be feature or not

    3. You can ban the unique ID and force them to get a new one. YOu can also restrict certain nicknames
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