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    Question insufficient permission modify power Beta13 fix?

    is this something Beta13 will have to fix? I have newly installed beta12 servers using ServerAdmin tokens that receive these errors:

    <11:17:09> insufficient permission modify power
    <11:20:11> insufficient client permissions (failed on b_client_issue_client_query_command (20626/0x5092))

    doesnt seem to matter if you are using a ServerAdmin token, or the ServerQuery Login user/pass, same result.

    Fix in Beta13?

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    When you get this errors? Did you enter it under Permissions / Use token?

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    Did you update from an older beta without adding the new permissions (like b_client_issue_client_query_command) to your groups? It looks like it...
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    yes im using SA Token, and yes its from updated beta server linux files.
    but the virtualservers are new installs of beta12, default permissions

    these errors occur when clicking greyed out permissions under Server Groups

    is this something I have to fix on the linux server files or something I have to tell each customer to do with their SA Token?

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    Not all permission can be set as and for SA, some are reserved by default for the superadmin.
    Thats why you get the error.

    (At least this is what me understands what you asking for).

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