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    New user need permission system support please

    Hi I have rented a server from censored url and I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of some documentation or give some tech support on how to do permissions for my new TS3 server - the server is for a guild in World of Warcraft and we want to do several things.

    1) Have a guest section where anybody who has the server details can log on for raids where we invite people not from our guild. i.e. it puts them in guest when logon

    2) Have various normal member sections where only guild members can get in but without having to put in a password for each channel. i.e it puts them in General when logon

    3) Work out what normal members should be able to do so as to give them plenty of toys but nothing that could cause disruption like kick ban powers etc.

    4) Have a group of super users who can move people from channel to channel kick ban etc. and work out what their powers should be.

    Thanks in advance, Regards Dave.

    Here is a channel list:-

    Guests (This and child channels for non guild members who play with us)
    Raid 10 One & Pugs
    Raid 10 Two & Pugs
    Raid 25 & Pugs

    General (Default channel we want guild members to log on to)

    Shop Talk


    Raid 10 One
    Raid 10 Two
    Raid 25


    Officer Chat

    Admin Storage

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    Apparently the permissions system is so complex that nobody has a clue how to set this up...

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    You have three groups:

    Each of these groups have a "channel join power".
    Admin -> 75
    Normal -> 50
    Guest -> 0

    Each channel has a "needed channel join power"
    MyPublicChannel -> 0
    MyMembersOnlyChannel -> 0
    MyOfficersChannel -> 0
    MyAdminsChannel -> 0

    Right now everyone can access everything.

    MyPublicChannel's "needed channel join power" should remain 0.
    MyMembersOnlyChannel needs to be higher than 0 (so guests with channel join power 0 cannot join) but equal or lower than 50 (so normal users with 50 can join).
    MyAdminsCannel would be 75 obviously.

    Setting MyOfficerChannel is trickier. You can set it to something like 51 or 60 but you'll either have to create a new group called Officers (which would be the best solution) or raise individual users' channel join power.

    I haven't found an easy way to duplicate rights, e.g. copy Normal to Officer and then only change "channel join power" to a higher value. Possibly doable via Query Interface. Worst case you can still fill in the whole permissions tree for the new group one by one.

    I don't think you can create different Default Channels based on group, but it's not really necessary anyway. Normal users will switch down from the Entry Hall to a more secluded room all by themselves.

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    You can't copy permissions with ServerQuery. As of yet the only way is to hack the database. You could just have the user in both server groups... Then they get all the permissions from both groups and where there is a situation where the same permission exists (like join power) the higher one is taken.

    Also, clients can set their own default channel in the bookmark dialog.

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