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    Question push to talk button doesn't work?

    Hello! I play CF (CrossFire) and when I use TS2 or TS3 (doesn't matter, always happen the same) it is that my push to talk button doesn't work how it should be. I see the light turns on when I push my button, but when I go to CF and I push again, it's off. I can put it on by holding the push to talk button and then switch to CF at the same time. But the problem is that the light keeps on and everyone hears me all the time.
    Now I've tried to mute the sound of TS3 when I'm playing, but that also doesn't work.
    So my buttons doesn't work out when I'm playing in CF.

    How can I fix that?

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    Vista? Right click run as admin?

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    I use windows7.

    How can I fix this ?!

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    You can run as admin in Windows 7 as well

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