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    [suggestion] Query dump of server setttings


    as i'm doing a lot of configuration via the server query, i'd like to ask if there's a way to add a function which dumps the current server settings in order to save the output and just paste it later to get everything setup like before. Example:

    dumpserverconfig sid=1
    channelcreate ...
    servergroupaddperm ...

    etc. etc. so you can copy that output, drop the database and simply paste it later on in putty.

    Hope it's clear what i'd like to achieve....

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    You can do a backup using your database server (and or tools like phpmyadmin) or use the serverquery commands "serversnapshotcreate" and "serversnapshotdeploy".

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    I know i could do that, but this way i can't setup a new server, it be only possible to create a backup.
    If i got a dump of the commands, i could use them as a template for creating new servers.

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