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    Dedicated Servers

    Hi there, I was wondering if there was any way I could host a server (99% uptime) with out having to go through a hosting company. Just a server for a few friends, ect. I have asked if this is possible via FTP and there was some speculation about that but if not, then how do people host servers that are up 100% of the time and have complete control over it. I know that with most (if not all) hosting company's you ONLY get Server Admin Access and not Server Query Access, or at least this is ONLY what the companies I have paid for gave me. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    To have full control most people host it from their own pc or server.
    The uptime then depends on how long you leave it running.
    If you run it from one of you home pc's don't forget to portforward.

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    Those servers are called "Root-Servers". There are different types of such servers.

    1. Virtual-Servers: These Servers are running in a virtualization environemnt (like VMWare...). There is one physical server and many virtual servers that share the resources of the physical one. Those servers are mostly cheap (around 5 - 20 €). They fit for e.g. a TS-Server or a small webserver with ftp functionality. They do NOT fit for hosting gameservers because they mostly do not have enough power for that.

    2. Dedicated Server / Root-Server: This is a normal Server. If you rent such a thing, you rent a physically existent box. Therefore you can use all the resources the box offers.

    There are many corps that offer both types of servers. Some are good, some are bad. (Bad service, bad connections ect.)

    Most of such servers run with linux because you dot have to pay for that os. Of course there are servers that can be run with windows but then you have to pay an additional monthly fee for the server-os (using own licenses doesn't work).

    So normally those servers run with linux (debian, suse, ubuntu, fedora, redhat, .....) So if you really want to take control over an server that has a connection to the internet you REALLY should know what you are doing AND you really should now how to administer that server. That means you firstly should play around with a linux server os. Not those selfinstalling linuxes that do all the stuff for you because the server os'es are maninly administrated with the console (in linux terms with the shell) ... no mouse-clicking and no windows

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    Some server farm companies will let you use your own box with your own software installed on it and plug it into their 100mb connection. My clan had four such computers at on point. We simply built our own server boxes and sent them off to the server farm. Each one had firedaemon installed on it to run our servers as services. We remotely administered all of them. The problem we ran into was maintenance. If there was a need to physicaly touch the servers for any type of repair it cost us a lot of money. It was almost cheaper to have them shipped back to us to do it ourselves.

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    If you want it cheap, virtual servers are really the way to go. But you need a Linux guy for administering it.

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    Yeaa.. You could go those routes. It'd be far more work than I'd want and based on his comments, I'm thinking Linux is not something he's experience with. Windows Based is probably a safer route.

    To that end, another option would be to get a cheep HP Media Smart Server (Home Server Runs Windows Server 2003) and you'd gain a solid home backup solution for all your home pc's AND run your own services like Teamspeak on it Don't have to go HP, Newegg has several off brand Home Servers cheep, but most run Atom processors, probably not the best TS3 server.. All Home Server 2003 systems are based off Windows Server 2003, so safe bet if it's got something better than an Atom, it will run TS3 ok.

    Thats what I do, HP EX490. Works fine and I get a nice fileshare/backup/ and media server for my 3 systems (1 laptop 2 desktops).. and it doubles as a headless app server for things like Teamspeak (note: I did mod mine and upgrade the Celeron to an E8200 Duel core, but TS3 ran fine on the Celeron, I was just not happy with preformence of the video conversions)

    Hosting from home, you have to consider your Service Providers upload bandwith, enabling port forwarding, and most force dynamic IP addresses, which could be a pain.. Mine allows for 1.5MiB up and has not changed my IP in over 2 years.. so I can host a small 25-30ish TS3 server(depends alot on the codex).. Plenty for my small clan.

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