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    Exclamation please increase default IDLE TIMEOUT (next beta?)

    ServerAdmin group permissions > 75 seconds for idle timeout
    compared to 7500 seconds for Normal

    so very annoying, please increase 75 second default idle timeout next beta

    all its causing right now is Server Admins everywhere being timed out often, leading to support questions, and us telling them how to increase the 75 (over and over)


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    Hey there!

    Per default, we've not set any idletime permission values for server or channel groups so this issue is not caused by our default permission set.

    The only thing we do is setting the modify/grant permissions for ServerQuery and virtual server administrators so they can modify the settings.

    In the first server releases, we had a max idletime set for server guests (60 mins if I remember correctly) but that should not be a problem for server admins either.

    Please check your template groups for invalid permission settings.


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    when I install new servers (beta 12) the default ServerAdmins have a 75 second idletimeout.
    strangely normal and guest do not, they can idle for longer.

    Im not setting or changing any permissions, so it must be hard coded into default installations

    I realize serveradmins (use token) and can change the idletimeout, its just annoying to have to explain that to every new customer

    I suppose i'll have to add code to the installation script to change the idle timeout once installed, still feel that the default should be increased though, ty

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    Check that your template groups don't have that set. As far as I understand, when you create a new server, the templates are used to assign permissions for that server's new groups.

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