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    I've updated foolower for version 3.1 and also updated the source-code so everyone with minimal knowledge can compile it in the future if you respect the readme.txt.

    Please see first post.

    Have fun!


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    February 2017
    Hey there, thanks for this plugin!
    However, it doesn't seem to be working for me (TS 3.1.1):

    [foolower] Method is now "keys"
    [foolower] Recognizing yourself is now enabled
    Play/Pause is Ctrl+Alt+Up in foorbar, so I type:
    /foolower keys resume 11 12 26
    this returns
    [foolower] Hotkey for resume is now CONTROL + ALT + 0x11
    ...and it simply doesn't do anything. Mute doesn't work either. I've also tried other key combinations.

    Any help would be appreciated. I've tried the Volume Control Plugin and found the changing volume to be extremely annoying, I'd just like the music to be paused.
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