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    Multiple servers from Multiple Hosts

    Dear TS/TS forum members,

    I have a question about the NPL (registered) license about hosting.

    I'll start with some general info:
    I'm part of a gaming clan who are thinking of hosting a TS3 server(s) for our clan members. The problem is that we haven't found anyone yet who could host the TS server 24/7.

    I found in the license agreement the following:
    5.2.C.The individual or organization may host up to 512 slots using a maximum of 10 Virtual Servers for their entire operation. Any combination of slots or Virtual Servers over multiple physical machines is allowed, as long as the individual or organization does not exceed 512 slots or 10 Virtual Servers. This is also enforced by the license key which is issued after the registration and approval process has been completed.
    Now my question: because it says we may host 10 virtual servers, does that mean we may host our servers also on different locations at the same time???
    Though it does say we may divide it over "multiple physical machines", due to the problem we haven't found someone for the 24/7 hosting time, I wonder if we may also host from (totaly) different IP's.

    Meaning that we would have someone in NL that would host (for example) 1 of the virtual servers for TS and someone else from the UK (as an example). Also, may they then both host at the same time (if the total would still be under 10 servers/512 slots)?

    Thank you in advance,

    P.S. What I also would like to know is if we may use the (same) license key on different servers from those different IP's (otherwise this wouldn't even be possible because you may not register for several NPL's as the same person and/or company)

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    I have the same question. We use TS2 as our squadron dedicated comms and we do have a 24/7 servers set up. We decided to test TS3 so it is installed on a seperate server machine than our 24/7 machine. I applied for a Non Profit License and was granted it. I have applied it to my temporary server. Can that same License key be used on the 24/7 server once we migrate to TS3? Also, as with TS2 I will maintain my server ready to go in the event that our 24/7 server goes down. Will this cause troubles using the same license key on two seperate machines?
    Thanks for your help and for making a Non Profit server setup for us gamers.


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    As far as I understand the license, you may run any number of server-binaries with the same NPL as long as they never exceed 10 virtual servers and 512 max-client combined.
    The license key is validated against central servers and AFAIK are constantly checking in to make sure you do not exceed these limitations.

    So to answer both of your questions, yes.
    They specifically state that you may spread them over several physical machines, to me this means that you may have two, or more, separate computers in widely different parts of the world, and as long as you remain under the limit, it should not be a problem.

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