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    [Solved] Microphone and Speakers disabled

    Hello TS community.

    One quick thread to ask the following question :

    - My speakers and microphone are both disabled when using TS3. How can I fix that ?

    What I already did :
    - Check my status and right with server admins. All ok.
    - Speakers and mic not mute. Ok.
    - Tested Sounds and mic in TS3. Ok. (using "push to talk" option)
    - Reinstall TS3 after making sure I had the latest version. Ok.

    It still is not working, and nothing I've read in other thread helps it. I must have missed something. Can you guys help me ?

    (I'm using Vista, with Build in Windows Soundcard (not soundblaster)).

    Thank you

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    Do you have a capture / playback profile selected for the server?

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    You solved my problem !

    You rock ... hard. Best of luck to you

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    Can anyone help me with this 'issue'?

    One of my friends cant hear/speak.

    Says Microphone or Speakers disabled when i click on his name. Not Muted, but disabled. When he goes Playback (or Capture, i dont remember) in Settings > Options >
    says Input (or Output, idk xD) device not recognized or something.

    I tried googling it, all i found was this:

    And im not sure what that answer means.

    So anyone can help me with this?

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    You should give us informations about his client version and his hardware first.
    And has he tried the latest Rc1 client?
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