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Thread: Group Icons...

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    Group Icons...

    Besides group icons is there something else you can use to be able to identify groups?

    At the current moment I'm forcing all of my 200 active users to have to download a file called "servergroup_100.png" so they can see the Server Admin icon photoshopped with an "r" on it, so you can see "registered" users.

    This is kind of a pain, so does anyone know if there's something else I could do rather than this so that one can identify the group at a glance?

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    There will be a feature in one of the next versions to automatically download new group icons to the client.

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    You can put something in now if you want. Take a look at this to show you what i mean. I put gold frag grenades for my "Normal" server group icon.

    PIcture of client with added icon with some instructions

    After adding to your client, you have to set the "i_group_icon_id to 400" in "Server Group".

    This has to be done for each client, will only show on individual client.
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    Yeah I knew both of your posts, I was just curious if anyone had a quick fix in the mean time that isn't forcing all 200 of my active teamspeak users to save an image.

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