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    Restoring virtual server control

    Hi Guys / Girls

    This perm. system looks complicated.

    Can you explain how we can restore virtual server admin access in case of deleted main token?

    In other words.. How can we create NEW virtual server admin token?

    It will be very good if someone provide step-by-step instructions, we need this for our billing automation.


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    Well, first of all, you seem to be misunderstanding the token system.

    Every user in the server is tracked by a Unique ID. For example, mine is w27e9wXknx60NgIuME3d5wcdTeI= and my server remembers that this UID (Unique ID) is a server admin. There are no passwords and user accounts in TS3.
    Now, a token can only be used once. They are generated and outputted in the console, you copy it and use it, or send it to whoever needs to use it. Once it's been used, the permissions it gives become attached to the UID of the client that used it, and no one can use it anymore. (You don't need to remember it.)

    What this also means, is that if you ever lose your Identity, you will have a new UID, and all your permissions will be gone. To stop this, you need to export your identity and keep it somewhere safe in case your computer ever needs reformatting, crashes, or something else.

    If you do lose your SA abilities and don't have your identity saved somewhere, you'll need to use the severadmin account and serverquery to regain it.

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    Ugh.. yea I am stuck in this situation. Unforunately you cant even login to serverquery if your not in the admin group...
    <16:19:57> insufficient client permissions (failed on b_client_issue_client_query_command (20628/0x5094))
    Thats what I get when trying to run the login command as a normal user... what now

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    If you have access to the database, you can open it up and reset that permission. Otherwise, you're pooched; reinstall the server.

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