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    [Solved] Talk on Multiple servers

    I want to be in two or three different servers at the same time. I can set each server in its own tab with no problem BUT when I try to switch between the three servers my mic is disabled in the other servers. Is there a different wayto to this?

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    Settings > Options > Application > Check "Activate microphone automatically". This is to activate the mic when you switch servers. There is no way to have the mic enabled in 2 or more servers at the same time, afaik.


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    There is a way, to talk on 2 server at the same time.
    Please read that thread, you can ignore the part with 2 different profiles.

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    Speaking in different servers

    Is it possible to have your mic activated in multiple servers or is it only restricted to one?

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    It's possible, not in different tubs, but in different clients.

    Add in your ... Shortcut > Properties > this parameter: -nosingleinstance
    Do not forget to leave a blank space at the beginning, like this:
    C:\...\ts3client_win32.exe -nosingleinstance

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    Talk on 2 servers


    I'm in abit of a pickle right now, so some of you might be aware of TFR (Task force radio) on Arma 3, this requires you to be in a separate ts server while playing on a particular server, i was wondering how can i set it up so i can be on 2 Teamspeak servers talking at the same time but have TS 1 as Push to talk and TS 2 as Voice Activation, that way i can talk to people on TS 1 while playing on this particular server that requires me to be in their TS, im just wondering if this can be done to save me using a alternative voip e.g Discord.
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    You can start TeamSpeak multiple times by using the -nosingleinstance command line switch. We do not officially support it here.

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