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    TS 3 beta 11 causing high DCP latency

    Any time TS 3 is running DCP latency increases dramatically. No connection is necessary to reproduce the problem. This has been a problem since TS 2. Windows 7 pro 64 bit, realtek 888 onboard.

    TS 3 running

    TS 3 closed

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    its not only beta11 as you say (since TS2)

    AND this might be the cause of the Processor Usage i have reported already!!! (since utilization is at 70-100% when open and 0-9% when minimized/trayed)

    kill 2 birds with one stone plox?

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    I did some testing and found that if I remove the Realtek sound driver and use Windows 7 default sound driver the problem goes away. I always keep several driver revisions on hand so I tried 3 of the latest with the same results. This could be a Realtek problem but I doubt it as nothing else causes this problem but TS. Drivers obtained here.

    DSCKerry are you saying you checked DCP latency using the tool and see a increase in DCP latency when TS is open? Are you using Realtek sound? ALC888 chip? If so what driver? I have no problem with CPU usage so our problems my be unrelated.

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