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    remove border/frame

    Hi folks, in need of some assistance once more.

    I have figured out how to remove, well make the frame/border around the Tree and Info windows go away. But I need some help with 2 more.

    the main border that encircles both the Tree and Info windows and the border that encircles the Chat window. Those 2 I can not figure out how to reduce their size to 0px.

    If anyone knows how to make them not, could you help me out?

    If I did this right, I have attached a screen shot showing the frames I need to remove or reduce to 0px.

    I added the yellow text and yellow bar just as a guide so you would know what your looking at.


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    Hi RebelWolf,

    I spent a lot of time, to figure out, how to remove them. You can't remove them in the qss. Go to the Preferences > Options Dialog, choose Design und change your style to plastique.

    Please have also a look on some other changes. I hate the background of the captions in Options dialog. I can't change it, while using plastique.

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