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    Hidden Server Groups?

    When you first create a server, these are the default groups.

    Guest Server Query
    Admin Server Query
    Server Admin (Template)
    Normal (Template)
    Guest (Template)

    Server Admin

    The ones above the line are hidden from the ones below the line.

    Once you are in the Admin Server Query group, you can view all of these groups.

    My question is this: Can you make server groups that you create hidden from other server groups that you create? If you have created a group with the permission to view server groups, they can view them all. I would like them to be able to view only servers groups they are allowed to view.

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    Afaik, that can't be done (maybe with SQ, but i doubt it). The only way you have is to enable the permission to list server groups (the server groups permissions tab) only for the server groups you want. By default, only SA's can access that tab, and that is more than enough imho.

    Anyways, the permission for that is "b_virtualserver_servergroup_permission_list" and similar to the other permission manager tabs.


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    Something I think would be useful, to keep down confusion.

    In server groups/channel groups etc...

    If the client viewing does not have the required modify, or user-add power, then the group is hidden? With multiple tiers of admin, this would be very useful.

    Basic Admin
    Clan Member

    Council would be able to add to all groups, Basic admin could add to clan member, and clan member wouldn't be able to do anything.

    Currently, basic admins can view the Council group, but cannot add to it.

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    Query Groups and Template Groups are only "hidden" if you have no permission to edit them (by default only the superadmin have this).

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