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    Server Query Flood (whitelist problems)

    The new antiflood function for the Query is the right way to ban potential attacks.
    The actual solution is very nice for standalone hosters but not for hoster with 100+ virtualserver.

    The whitelist is not manageable.
    First reason many customers want to have their own ip in the whitelist so we have to edit and check the sources (can we trust the source) all the time.
    Second we have to restart the whole instance on each time to reread the list.

    We had a discussion on Teamspeak Public about it.
    The first and i think the best solution will be the following:
    -Make the whitelist rereadable all X minutes
    -insert a second spam filter to each virtualserver
    -the first filter can catch the floods on the whole instance and after the use sid=XX the virtualserver filter will catch the rest.

    Why it is not enough at the moment?
    We take a huge amount of querys so the filter on the whole instance will block viewers from the same ip. if you insert a virtualserver filter a normal viewer can act without any problems.

    an now two sentences in german^^
    @ralf ich kann dir das gerne im ts mit allen details erklären. aber nicht in englisch , dafür isses eindeutig zu schlecht.

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    Just an idea but why not setup your own query server on site and if they want query functions on there webpage have them add a frame that points to your query page with some parameters for port and such. Then you have one IP to whitelist and anyone asking for query features, just refer them to directions to use the query page your hosting.

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    that is a nice idea!
    i will test it.
    but i think that is a solution for one and not for all.

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    i am already working on something that the list gets reloaded, so that no serverrestart is needed.

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    Hi Ralf,
    yes okay...but this cannot be the whole solution.
    Tell me how to manage this list if you have 100+ customers with different webserver ips?
    Programming an interface for the customers where they can add their ips is no solution....the can add each ip they want..we have to check each ip.."is it trustee?" if we add each ip...their is no need of a whitelist because everything can connect again. have a wide range of scanners, they do not release this ips.
    Okay we can set the connections up. but if 100+ servers are scanned by a tracker we have to increase the commands in seconds very high...if we do this their is no need of flood protection because all can flodd the servers again.

    I think you understand the problem.

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    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but has this ever gotten resolved?

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    No it's still planed to resolve a dns address, to allow someone to conenct.
    The black and whitelist itself update every 5 minutes.
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    the ip of the server admin should auto-added in the whitelist; so may use sql for that
    or a possibility to enter a dyndns-domain into the whitelist

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