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    Unhappy consumption of network bandwidth ?

    Can anyone tell me what the consumption of bandwidth for each User's TS3 would be 150kb as I followed on my server. What consumes more? TS2 or TS3 and what the real values of each?

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    That really depends on the codec and quality selected. The max codec in TS2 should be around 3.2KB/s...for TS3 you can just open the client and see the estimate bandwidth when you edit a channel.


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    Not sure if this will help. But I understand it like this, if I'm way off base let me know.

    B = bandwidth
    U = users connected
    K = users keyed up

    The incoming bandwith is easy: B * K
    Outgoing is not that hard either: (U - 1) * B * K reason for the minus 1 is that the talker's stream is not sent back to him/her

    First lets you have 3 users and 1 talking with estimated bitrate at 19.59 (CELT Mono/10):
    incoming need is 19.59 = (19.59 * 1)
    out going need is 39.18 = (3 - 1) * 19.59 * 1

    Now lets change that to 50 users with 3 talking with an estimated bitrate of 5 (Speex Wideband/7)
    Incoming need is 15 = (5 * 3)
    out going need is 735 = (50 - 1) * 5 * 3

    Keep in mind there are other little bits for management outside the audio streams that increase the bandwidth some too.

    Also this is per channel and the variables for each channel are likely to be different. But you can do that math for each channel and sum the results for a server total. If you want to know the max bandwidth the server could use, just use the max clients setting for the channel for the values of users (U) and users keyed up (K). Unlikely all would key up, but is possible.
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