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    Question Beta16 query_ip_whitelist.txt not even used?

    When I updated the servers to beta15 I had to add my websites IPs to the query_ip_whitelist.txt before I could status the servers.

    Now I updated to beta16 (64bit linux) and the query_ip_whitelist.txt came blank, with only

    I noticed that all my status scripts worked from other sites, I didnt have to add my IPs to them

    So, query_ip_whitelist.txt is now useless? I also noticed that is statusing our servers and I havent added them to the query_ip_whitelist.txt

    beta15 was using it, beta16 appears not to be

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    No, the whitelist is not useless. As you may have seen in the changelog, the setting are now more tolerant, so regular and corrects working scripts won't be banned so quick.
    You can now add your ip without restarting the server. The server will reload the entries every 5 minutes and update settings. You can controll this while checking your logs.

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