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    Oooh snap.. it worked!


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    Exclamation Can't open wherever the chat bar

    Hey, i have been using ts 3 for months already but i didn't notice that they have the chatbar, my friends said, look the link on i've sent to you on ts3 , i think wtf, there ain't any link.. he said look @ the chat bar, i asked where the fu*k is the chat bar lol.. so now i realize that i've missed something useful. any solution for this?

    well i also have tried *right click > open channel chat* but the chat bar didn't appear.

    already thanks for your answers!

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    channel list

    ive tried a search but brought up nothing

    I have lost the channel list and the list of rooms on the left of my teamspeak screen ... i dont know how it happened but i cant seem to find how to get it back.

    all i have is my profile

    Spectre (180) 
    Database ID:
    Unique ID:
    3.0.1 [Build: 15001]
    Channel Group:
    Server Group:
     Server Admin
    First Connected:
    25/06/2011 08:54:16
    Last Connected:
    08/09/2011 13:51:44
    Total Connections:

    Its probably an easy fix so can someone please tell me how to do it

    Thanks in advance

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    Red face no channels any longer in ts3 y?

    i have been using ts3 for 5 months and havent had any issues , but today i lost all the channels i would normally have access to, any ideas as to what i did to cause this? and how do i fix this ? please assist me . Thank you ahead of time for those who reply.

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    No Channel list

    No channel list. It has always worked fine, then one day it broke. I've tried re-installing, and still nothing. Any ideas?

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    Thank you, it's fixed. The vertical pane was dragged to the top.
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    Post My server chat doesnt appear

    hey guys, im with a little problem in all servers I enter, the server chat, below everything, doesnt appear to me, i dont know why

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    Maybe you need, drag and drop up, the bottom line.

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    OMG im so noob, thank you!!!!

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    Angry Cannot See Clients Inside Groups

    Well I pretty much asked on IRC, and was told I could alternatively seek a solution here, so I'll just c/p the conversation.

    [10:06] <Karnaji> I'm unable to see clients inside server groups
    [10:07] <Karnaji> I host on a linux VPS, and I am root, I have complete access to all the files Write, Read, and Execute
    [10:07] <Karnaji> I have the permission set correctly.
    [10:07] <Karnaji> I double and triple checked, nothing is over-writing it either.
    [10:07] <Karnaji> b_virtualserver_servergroup_client_list <--- this is what I'm having trouble with
    [10:07] <ohaz> could you make a screenshot of the groups window?
    [10:08] <Karnaji> Hm?
    [10:08] <Karnaji> The server is fully updated
    [10:09] <Karnaji> Everything else works fine .. its just I can't add/remove people to groups while they're offline
    [10:09] <Karnaji> Or see people inside groups
    [10:11] <ohaz> that's strange
    [10:11] <ohaz> but I think I had that problem too once
    [10:11] <ohaz> was long time ago..
    [10:12] <Karnaji>
    [10:12] <Karnaji> should I not be able to see the people in the guest group?
    [10:12] <Karnaji> Or any other group for that matter lol
    [10:12] <Karnaji> I have full admin power
    [10:12] <ohaz> you don
    [10:13] <ohaz> 't even see the right column
    [10:13] <Karnaji> nope
    [10:13] <Karnaji> b_virtualserver_servergroup_client_list
    [10:13] <Karnaji> should be the permission
    [10:13] <Karnaji> and I have it

    Summary: I cannot see users inside groups, which makes it impossible to add/remove people to groups when they're offline. I have the server fully updated, and I have the correct permissions for myself(b_virtualserver_servergroup_client_list). The user I am using to run the Teamspeak script has full read/write/execute permissions on the server, and has permissions for every file in the TS3 folder.

    Please help

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    Take look at this post =>
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    Just what I needed. Thanks.

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    Drag it to the serious and in some way with the channel window. Now, every time I log in one can not see the channels, so I can not switch to my guild.

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    Solved Cant see channels anymore

    I think the title says enough, but..

    I downloaded Teamspeak, Client-32bit, 1st mirror a few weeks ago.. and just a few days ago, it's been acting funky.
    I cannot see the option to change/ view channels like I used to.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Teamspeak so many times, with no luck.

    When I put in my server.. for example, the server for Rush Team, it shows text only. No channels. No people. Just the people who enter and disconnect from Welcome.

    Help? Anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by reidmallen View Post

    I cannot see the option to change/ view channels like I used to.

    When I put in my server.. for example, the server for Rush Team, it shows text only. No channels. No people. Just the people who enter and disconnect from Welcome.
    Move the mouse just between the top of the chat window and the bottom of the menu, when the mouse pointer changes then drag down.

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    Solved Teamspeak 3 Layout problem?

    Hi, around a month ago I had a bug that messed up by teamspeak, it changed from the default layout to a different one? I know there's probably a fix for this that's simple but I'm not very smart with this :S is there anyway I can switch back to the default layout? (btw i'm on a mac if that makes a difference) any help is appreciated,

    this is the link/problem


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    We messed up, that your layout did change automatically?
    This is nothing that happens without a user interaction.

    You can fix everything on your own.

    1. Go to the left side of your client until the mouse does change the cursor.
    1.2 Now hold button 1 and then drag it to the right

    2. Open the client settings (Teamspeak 3 > Preferences...) and now switch to tab "Design"
    2.1 Select theme 'System Default"

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