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    [SUGGESTION] Add filtering ability

    I know there is a Filtering textbox in the server logs window and client logs. But it doesnt really work that well.

    I Suggest Adding a filter ability to the right click menu in the log windows.

    So if i right clicked over VirtualServer It would filter everything in the log with VirtualServer in that area. If i right clicked Info it would show me the info. And better yet maybe add if someone right clicks a user name it would filter out all the lines with that user name in it. same with an external ip adress. like this

    1/21/2010 2:51:03 PM Query Info query from issued: channelgrouplist

    If i right clicked the IP it would filter out the IP. if i right clicked the Channelgrouplist it would do that.

    maybe also make the filter textbox more verbose as well.

    This would be nice to have.

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    I would just like to formally bump this topic to see what people think of the suggestion.

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    Yes i'm also really looking for this feature.

    My example,

    we have a polling server, which polls the TS3 server every minute for every server, this gives around 100 lines of log every minute, while in my opinion if it is a connect from that ip, it does not have to log it, or log it to somewhere else, or atleast be able to filter those out, so i can see what other crazy things have happened over the query.

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