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    Unhappy Push-to-talk, can't attrib my favorite key :(

    Hi everybody !

    I've an issue with my new laptop (acer aspire 6930g) and TeamSpeak..

    Normaly, my push-to-talk keybind is "<", juste under "Q" on my azerty keybord (french one, "A" and "Q" are switched each other). But when I installed TS on this new computer, it didn't want to know anything when I tried to bind this key "<" to push-to-talk

    I tried with Ventrillo and Mumble : same problème, He knows all the keys of my keybord but not "<" ....

    Is it a known problem ? Is there a solution to bypass that ?

    Lot of thanks ! (sorry for the english )

    Byye !

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    Because it is a laptop the key may require a second key to be press to get that symble so TS is not recognizing it, you may have to use a different key on your laptop. I don't think there is going to be a work around for this.

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