We have been using all beta versions since day dot, but have to say since beta 16 we have serious issues with every member suffering around 5% packet loss which instantly shoots up as soon as a member talks to about 50 -60 %. We were running on the highest codecs on previous versions, but on beta 16 cant go over 16 HZ as everyone is robotic. Never had this prob before, but now TS3 is becoming unbearable to use. I have seen other threads on this, but just wanted to confirm the issue has only been since the latest build. All clients also using beta 12 so everyone is up to date.

Please release the next update to solve this problem or revert back to a more stabler version.



P.s TS3 running from a dedicated server of very high specs using windows server 2008 (all sound drivers etc up to date) but like i said only been a problem since build 16)