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    [Fixed] allow " client can change own description" ?

    i havent seen the permission anywhere which alows a client or server group to edit their OWN description, right now i can only see an option to either let a group edit descriptions. i may be wrong in saying there is no permission to allow you to edit your own description and no one elses. but if this feature has not been implemented i would like to see it in a future update.

    Thanks in advance

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    This feature was made for admins only, so they can mark bad or good people for other admins. Edit own description won't be implemented.

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    I dont understand whats the problem of adding one more permission called i_client_edit_own_description, so you you can edit your description!

    Whats the point of an admin to edit someones description to point that is a bad guy, especially when the description is public and anyone can see it?

    and why shall I keep someone on my TS if I think he is bad?

    sorry to ask but I think Description would be more usefull if everyone could right few words about him.

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    edit own description

    hi guys the ability for non sa registered members to edit their own description seems to have dissapeared from the server and cant find a permission to enable it apart from the one i give to sa which i dont want to give to a normal group user any ideas?

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    I think the permission "modify own description" can be a nice feature beacouse the description,for my point of view,is a type of client "status"
    "I Got t1ts" for the woman
    As well "We" can add 2 type of description,one of it can be settable and visible only for the Admin and the 2nd type can be settable by own and visible by all,like the "Note" and "Official Note" for World of Warcraft's Guild System.
    I hope that is clear enough and probably i'm in off topic

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    You want it, you get it. It's now official on Todo list.

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