I'm using TeamSpeak for a long time now. But I also need sharex (screen shot application) and AIMP (media player).
When I'm in TeamSpeak, my "print screen sysrq" button on keyboard does nothing. But when I click on my taskbar, it starts sharex. Same thing happens with AIMP, if I'm in teamspeak F6 (which I binded for play/pause) will not work, but when I click on taskbar it works. In other application, global shourtcuts works for both application (sharex+aimp). I have problem only when I'm in teamspeak. Is there an option to disable so I can use those button in TS too? I doubt that TS use "print screen sysrq" for something. I see no reason to block that button for other applications.

Windwos 10 x64
TeamSpeak 3.1.10 fresh install, last night (I thought that fresh install will fix my problem, but it did not. Only thing I recovered from previous TS are my identities)