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    Admintoken / Favourites


    I have 2 Suggestions:

    a) Would it be possible to change the Generator for the Tokens so this it uses no more "/"?
    It is often thought that one of the "/" is a hyphen. So it can happen a token is entered half or incompletely.

    b) Can one add attitudes under "more" another point into the favourite like "opening in a new tab"?
    I am a user this one is on several ts3 servers and therefore has several favourites also
    at present, it is, if I already have a couple of tabs openly and me that way favourite wants to connect on a new one, this the client tab pass one for this this takes
    at present, I have regulated only in such a way I start this this connects the clients servers on several favourites automatically

    greetings Bernd
    Support of

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    a) Not possible. The standard base64 alphabet includes + and / as last characters. While it would be technically be possible to change those, it would just break everything.

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    b) If I understand you correctly, what you want is to use middle mouse button on the favorite entries, this opens in new tab (just the same as in webbrowsers).

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