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    Max. filesize for downloads?

    Hi there,

    I'm serveradmin on my TS3 server and tried to download bigger files. I uploaded a file (32MB) and can't download it with an error "insufficient client permissions".

    Is there a maximum filesize and where could I change it?

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    Not sure what permission prevents your from downloading. The error message you got is much longer, as pasted here.

    Please check download quota.

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    Download quota is still -1. There is no option to change download quota per channel, isn't it?

    Full error message is (german):
    Download "D:/path/to/save/" - mit Fehler beendet: insufficient client permissions /

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    Post the Error, witch you see on the "Server Chat Tab".

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    I figured out, that the server seems to ignore the skip flag of i_ft_quota_mb_download_per_client in Server Admin Group (value = -1). I'm in two groups:

    Server Admin (6)
    i_ft_quota_mb_download_per_client = -1; Skip = true

    Clan Member (9)
    i_ft_quota_mb_download_per_client = 1024

    What's wrong with that?

    Btw. the error message I got in chat log is
    <23:06:38> insufficient client permissions

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