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Thread: confused

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    I am confused with how to setup teamspeak 3 as a server

    I just cannot follow the instructions in the download on how to install it

    can anyone help or point out to me some simple instructions

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    Where exactly did you got lost? Have you read the "server_quickstart.txt"?


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    Welcome to the Internet friend.

    Whenever you download a program it should come with something called Documentation.

    Common sources of such documentation are, but not limited to
    - A /docs/ folder in the package you download
    - A file called "Usually in caps" README or README.TXT
    - index.html files (sometimes blank, sometimes a manual)

    Before posting on any forums you should look a RULES section and a READ BEFORE POSTING section such as this one

    Now before posting a question, and I know this one is hard. Ask yourself "Has anyone else maybe wanted to do..." or "Would anyone else have a problem with...".

    You should read what is already out there by using the Search Function of the website (look up at the blue bar).

    Your choices are simple.

    #1 You can choose not to search and read, ask questions that have been asked before, answered then answered again then made into "How to do XXXXX for new people" videos on YouTube. And still get nowhere

    #2 Use the search tool and do some work for yourself. Everything has been answered for your question and the videos have been made. Tools have been provided and nobody at this point should need more spoon feeding as to how to get a basic setup going for Linux, Mac or Windows.

    If you are confused and new to Installing TS3 Server. Just do some searches, Look for subjects with a lot of views, YouTube videos and such BEFORE asking your question.

    If you are satisfied that nobody has had your problem THEN post.

    Welcome to to the Teamspeak 3 forums and good luck on your install.

    I can make it simpler for you if you want.

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