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    February 2010

    "database empty result set"

    Hello friends, I have the following problem.

    He had installed the Team eSpeak 3, working perfectly.
    Formatting the PC by technical problems, I have found that copying the token tells me "database empty result set" and I lost administrator rights.

    You know as I do to recover ...?

    My level of computer science, is basic, please when I indiqueis a solution, explain it awkward. xD

    Thank you very much.

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    You know that a token works only one time?

    Just import your identity back, which you have hopefully exported before you formatted your PC.

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    February 2010

    I repair the problem

    Of course not, when I wrote here was because they had already lost my admin privileges, and their response does not help anything.

    But never mind I have got into the server and generate a new token.
    The problem is solved.
    Thank you very much anyway.

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    February 2010

    Token Probleme

    Hi there, I hope that someone can help me on that!!
    I installed TS3 client typed the token ID in use token
    got my server admin right everything was fine.
    The next day when I connected to the server my server admin right was gone !! what can I do to fix that.
    BTW I'm the only server admin


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    If you are hosting your server locally just delete the database file and start from scratch. Not sure why your admin rights got removed but I recommend you create a 2nd ID and give it admin rights as well and export BOTH IDs to keep in a secure place.

    If it's hosted 3rd party or locally you can use the serverquery to generate a new token or add yourself to the server admin server group. Someone else will have to answer the query stuff since I am not very knowledgable on those yet.

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    I was getting this too but turns out I probably had typed the token wrong. So I just copied and pasted it from the log. Worked fine.

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