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    Maniac Guest

    TS3 ATHP login to clients servers

    Hi, I am a TS3 ATHP and was wondering if there is a way for us to log into clients servers without knowing their password. When we sell a Ventrilo server we like to login once the client connects to assist them in setting up the server etc. With Ventrilo its easy because the password is listed in a config file and we can just use our admin rights in the control panel to view this password. Any assistance with this would be awesome.


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    Use the "serveradmin" login + pass which is created at install in the xxx.log file.

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    Maniac Guest


    If you are talking about the overall serveradmin info I did try using that and it did not work. If you are talking about when each virtual server is made looking at the logs, that would get very annoying plus the fact you cant access the log TS3 is currently using prevents us from doing this.

    Just to clarify, I am trying to log into our clients virtual servers to talk to them. I can log in as admin via telnet/SSH with no problems, just need to be able to log into the clients servers now.

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    the serveradmin is not a client account and cannot talk on the server. for that you need to connect to the server as an ordinary client. if needed, you could create a token for yourself and use it as a client

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    Maniac Guest


    The token would work given I can log into the server. My point here is that there needs to be a way for Server Admins to log into a customers server. It does not look good when they ask us to jump on and we have to be like "uh whats your password" if you get what I mean :P

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    Yet again... login to query console, generate a token for yourself, use it to login to their server.
    You could automate it the in the way of adding a service function to admin panel, which will automatically generate token and provide it in ts3server:// link.

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    Maniac Guest


    So I can use the token I make for myself in the password field?

    OK next question I guess is how do I make an admin token for myself. I read the server query stuff on it and was using the addtoken command that looked like this:

    addtoken tokentype=0 tokenid1=3 tokenid2=0 tokendescription=test

    That made me a channel admin but not a server admin. If I tried to take off tokenid2 it would give me an error. Also tokenid1=3, 3 is the sgid of the server admin group.

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    Not "in password field", rather - in link.
    Don't forget to urlencode token value, as it may contain inappropriate characters (namely, "plus" sign happens often).

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