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    Ts - Microphone not recognized (multiple)

    Allright. So far i've tried the following:

    Upgrading Drivers
    Downgrading Drivers

    Using different Microphones

    Overinstalling Ts
    Deinstalling and Reinstalling Ts

    Try&Error with different Sound settings

    Disabling and Reanabling Sound Drivers

    Restarting multiple times


    I'm out of ideas.

    Since i plugged my new HeadSet in TeamSpeak 3 won't recognize any Mic i plug in. Even the Mic build in in my Notebook doesn't seem to work anymore.
    At least that one's displayed in the Sound Input settings, but probably as a Ghost Setting (it's lined through in bright red.)

    Ts DOES recognize the Driver itself, because i'm able to hear Sounds and Others speaking.


    Am in pretty desperate need of help here, please read and think this through with me.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Germany ~ NRW
    Now, that's weird. Out of the Blue there's a new Mic to choose which is indeed my new one. in the meantime i did not touch a thing.

    Screw this ._.'

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