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    [SOLVED] Sound not transmitted after a while

    A friend of mine has a problem with TS3, he does not speak English and I'll try to mediate

    All is OK when he joins our server. After a while, we cannot hear him, although his transmitting indicator in TS3 is lit up. When he preforms mic test in capture setting, during this "silence", he can hear himself.
    This "voice disappearance" happens regardless of his TS3 usage, number of other clients present on server, application/game that is started, not started or turned off. It happens regularly after 2-5 minutes.
    He had no problem with TS2. None of the other 10-12 regular users have similar problem. He tried to change capture/playback devices, activation method (push, voice, constant), but with no change.
    Last night we were playing IL-2 and I think (but I'm not sure) that I was able to hear him, but extremely faintly.

    - MBO Asus a7v600-x, VIA chipset
    - Sound: integrated WDM 3663, SoundMax
    - CPU Sempron XP 2500+
    - VGA ATI 3850
    - Headphones Hama CS-118, newest model
    - TV card KWorld TV878
    - Windows XP SP2
    - unspecified PCI modem
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